MHCY haplotype impacts Campylobacter jejuni colonization in a backcross [(Line 61 x Line N) x Line N] population: Research Note

Jibin Zhang, Ronald M Goto, Androniki Psifidi, Mark P Stevens, Robert L Taylor, Marcia M Miller

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Abstract / Description of output

MHCY is a candidate region for influencing immune responses in chickens. MHCY contains multiple specialized, polymorphic MHC class I loci along with loci belonging to 4 additional gene families. In this study, MHCY haplotypes were tested for association with cecal colonization after Campylobacter jejuni infection of a backcross [(Line 61 × Line N) × Line N] population derived from 2 White Leghorn research lines, Line 61 and Line N, that were previously shown to exhibit heritable differences in colonization. Samples were obtained for 51 birds challenged with 108 CFU Campylobacter jejuni at 3 wk of age. Viable C. jejuni in the ceca were enumerated 5 d postinfection and counts were log-transformed for analysis. Birds were assigned to either low or high colonization groups based on the individual count being below or above the mean bacterial count for all birds. The mean bacterial count of the low infection group differed significantly from the high infection group. Sex and MHCB haplotype had similar distributions within the 2 groups. Overall, 7 MHCY haplotypes were found to be segregating. Two were significantly associated with C. jejuni colonization. MHCY Y18 was associated with low colonization (P = 3.00 × 10-5); whereas MHCY Y11a was associated with high colonization (P = 0.008). The MHCY haplotype impacted the mean bacterial count among all birds with MHCY Y18 having the lowest bacterial count compared with MHCY Y11a and all other MHCY (Y5, Y7, Y8, Y11b, and Y11c) haplotypes. These findings support further investigation of the contribution of chicken MHCY in resistance to Campylobacter colonization.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101654
JournalPoultry Science
Issue number3
Early online date6 Dec 2021
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 6 Dec 2021


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