Nuclear reaction studies using stored ions

Jan Glorius, T. Aumann, C. Beinrucker, A. M. Sánchez-Benítez, S. Bishop, K. Boretzky, F. Bosch, C. Brandau, H. Bräuning, T. Davinson, F. De Oliveira Santos, I. Dillmann, C. Dimopoulou, A. Endres, O. Ershova, A. Estrade, D. Ferreira, Z. Fülöp, D. Galaviz, H. GeisselK. Göbel, A. Gumberidze, G. Gyürky, T. Heftrich, M. Heil, S. Heil, A. Hennig, F. Käppeler, C. Kozhuharov, C. Langer, T. Le Bleis, Claudia Lederer, S. Litvinov, Yu A. Litvinov, B. Löher, G. Lotay, J. Marganiec, B. Mei, M. Meister, G. Münzenberg, F. Nolden, M. Petri, N. Petridis, R. Plag, U. Popp, G. Randisi, G. Rastrepina, R. Reifarth, B. Riese, C. Rigollet, D. Rossi, G. Savino, C. Scheidenberger, T. Szücs, H. Simon, K. Sonnabend, U. Spillmann, M. Steck, T. Stöhlker, I. Syndikus, H. Törnqvist, S. Trotsenko, L. Urban, G. Weber, H. Weick, M. Weigand, D. Winters, N. Winters, P. Woods, Q. Zhong

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

Abstract / Description of output

Reactions of astrophysical interest in explosive scenarios, e.g., with relevance for the γ- or rpprocesses, often involve unstable isotopes that cannot be studied using traditional methods. In inverse kinematics, such isotopes are available making use of the Fragment Seperator (FRS) at GSI, Darmstadt, Germany. By using the ESR storage ring in combination with the internal microdroplet target (p,γ) and (α,γ) reactions can be studied. DSSSDs are employed to measure the spatial separation of reaction products after a dipole magnet. At energies between 9 and 11 MeV per nucleon, a proof-of-principle experiment was carried out investigating the reaction 96Ru(p,γ). Details about the experiment, the ongoing analysis and recent developments are presented.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of Science
PublisherProceedings of Science (PoS)
Publication statusPublished - 2014
Event13th Nuclei in the Cosmos, NIC 2014 - Debrecen, Hungary
Duration: 7 Jul 201411 Jul 2014


Conference13th Nuclei in the Cosmos, NIC 2014


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