Ov2 is a modulator of OvHV-2 RTA mediated gene expression

Inga Dry, Katie Nightingale, Jack Ferguson, John Hopkins, Robert Dalziel

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Ovine herpesvirus-2 (OvHV-2) is the causative agent of the sheep-associated form of malignant catarrhal fever, a usually fatal lymphoproliferative disease of bison, deer and cattle. Malignant catarrhal fever is a major cause of cattle loss in Africa with approximately 24 7% affected annually; and in North America has significant impact on bison farming. Research into the mechanisms by which OvHV-2 induces disease in susceptible species has been hampered by a lack of a cell culture system for the virus. Ov2 is a bZIP protein encoded by OvHV-2. Proteins with bZIP domains in other herpesviruses, such as the Kaposi's
sarcoma-associated herpesvirus K8 protein and the BZLF1 protein of Epstein-Barr virus are known to play important roles in lytic virus replication. Using a reporter based system, we demonstrate that Ov2 can modulate the activity of the major virus transactivator (Replication and Transcriptional Activator protein, RTA) to 1) drive expression of viral genes predicted to be required for efficient reactivation of the virus, including ORF49; and 2) differentially regulate the expression of the two virus encoded Bcl-2 homologues Ov4.5 and Ov9.
Original languageEnglish
JournalVeterinary Research Communications
Early online date21 Mar 2019
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 21 Mar 2019

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  • Ovine herpesvirus-2
  • Ov2
  • Gene expression


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