Partial gastrectomy and total splenectomy for the treatment of a gastric mass in a horse

Sarah Voss, Francina Barcelo, Angie Rupp, Alexandra Raftery, Patrick Pollock

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


A nine-year-old cob mare with a history of recurrent colic presented during an acute colic episode. Ultrasonography revealed a mass emanating from the greater curvature of the stomach and was tightly adhered to the cranial edge of the spleen. Partial gastrectomy and total splenectomy were performed via a midline celiotomy incision. The mass was subsequently confirmed to be granulomatous inflammation, postulated to be secondary to a penetrating injury to the stomach. Postoperatively, the mare had episodes of recurrent colic that were successfully managed with optimisation of the horse’s diet and feeding regime. At ten months postoperatively the mare was managed on full turn out, with no evidence of colic and had returned to the previous
level of ridden work. The horse then presented 14 months postoperatively with severe colic due to a large colon impaction and displacement and was euthanased. This is the first report to describe successful partial gastrectomy as a treatment option for a gastric mass in the horse.
Original languageEnglish
JournalEquine Veterinary Education
Publication statusPublished - 4 Jul 2018


  • Horse
  • gastrectomy
  • spleen
  • surgery


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