Participate, Collaborate, Materialise

Remo Pedreschi, Lindy Richardson, Edward Hollis, Izzy Bochetti (Editor)

Research output: Other contribution


This publication reflects on the works produced during a two week workshop conducted during the summer of 2012. It was the bridging of two schools within Edinburgh University; the Edinburgh College of Art and the School of Architecture; across three disciplines- architecture, textiles and glass. Inspired by the remains of St Peter’s Seminary, Cardross, Scotland, this transpired as finding the spirit and potential in the seemingly overlooked, subsequently, creating an open playing field for experimentation, exchange and development; within and beyond the participant’s respective disciplines. Ultimately, stripping away the hierarchy of ‘the expert’ and ‘the novice’ within the collaborative triangle and leaving something more concrete.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputprint
Number of pages38
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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