Phenotypic and functional characteristics of bovine T lymphocytes

A.J. Teale, C L Baldwin, Ivan Morrison, J Ellis, N D MacHugh

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Monoclonal antibodies have been derived which detect the bovine equivalents of the human pan-T cell marker CD2 and the T lymphocyte subpopulation markers CD4 and CD8. We refer to the bovine analogues as BoT2, BoT4 and BoT8. Monoclonal antibodies have also been derived which detect an antigen(s) with similarities to CD3, although the precise nature of the target molecule(s) in this instance remains to be elucidated. In general there is close similarity between the tissue distributions and, where these have been determined, the molecular masses of the BoT2, BoT4, BoT8 and putative BoT3 entities and their counterparts in other species. BoT2 is expressed on a majority of peripheral blood T lymphocytes and thymocytes and BoT2+ cells are found in both thymic cortex and medulla. In contrast, the putative BoT3 marker is expressed by a minority of thymocytes which are moreover, largely restricted to medulla. Monoclonal antibodies detecting BoT2 determinants have been shown to precipitate 55 kDa molecules. Antibodies to the BoT2 and BoT3 entities have been shown to induce proliferation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of some cattle, and to be capable of inhibition of antigen-driven proliferative responses and cytolytic function. The BoT4 and BoT8 markers are expressed in a mutually exclusive manner by bovine peripheral blood mononuclear cells but they are coexpressed on a large population of thymocytes. Monoclonal antibodies have been used to precipitate molecules of 52 and 55 kDa in the case of those detecting BoT4 and 34 and 35 kDa in the case of an antibody reactive with a BoT8 determinant. The BoT4 and BoT8 markers have been associated with specificity for, and restriction by, MHC class II and class I molecules respectively.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)113-23
Number of pages11
JournalVeterinary Immunology and Immunopathology
Issue number1-4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1987

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  • Antigens, Differentiation, T-Lymphocyte/immunology
  • Cattle/immunology
  • Phenotype
  • T-Lymphocytes/classification
  • T-Lymphocytes/immunology


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