Plastic Man: Acts Against Nature

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Acts against nature began as a series of experimental artworks that deliberately made short term disturbances within ecologically sensitive environments. These acts were developed through a collaborative art-doc short film, entitled Plastic Man (2017). The narrative of the film was reworked in response to the thematic call for a newly launched journal, ForA on the Urban, University of Applied Arts Vienna. This international call addressed architects, urbanists, artists and scientists, as much as to scholars from the humanities who investigate the present and (possible) future of urban processes, conditions and challenges through theoretical, practical and artistic reflection. This experimental publication aims to intentionally conflate contributions that address spatial entanglements, dialogues and processes and methods of articulations. The publication was launched at the 17th International Architecture Biennale in Venice, 2021.
As one of 29 international contributors to the publication, the reworking of the original film involved using film still imagery, to configure a new theorisation and expression of the projects intentions: "The urban condition is by no means limited to cities. Urbanization extends well beyond the city limits, as a form of extensive and intensive socio-technical mesh that seeks to harness, convert and mobilize resources, such as energy, food, and water, among other vital elements that sustain the conditions of urban life. Plastic Man embodies this operational mesh, personifying a utilitarian figure moving and working relentlessly, as the consumer of the environments he moves through. In this sense, the singular character’s actions gesture towards the systemic appropriation of the living world; of disturbance, extraction, conversion, and distribution.” The new work was collaboratively written by Ross Mclean and Yulia Kovanova, inviting poetic interludes by Patrick James Errington.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationForA on the Urban
Place of PublicationUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna
Number of pages440
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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