Politics of Return, Inequality and Citizenship in the Post-Yugoslav Space

Biljana Djordjevic

Research output: Working paper


The paper argues that the right to return should be upheld as a political principle for mitigation of the boundary problem - who belongs to demos. Restoration of citizenship pursued through justified politics of return contributes to the democratic reconstitution of post-conflict societies. In the post-Yugoslav space, however, politics of return of refugees, internally displaced persons, diaspora, and deportspora can be charged with promoting some forms of citizenship inequality, preferring some citizens over others and impeding or effectively blocking the return of those thought undesirable.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2013

Publication series

NameCITSEE Working Paper Series
ISSN (Electronic)2046-4096


  • Boundary problem
  • right to return
  • politics of return
  • citizenship constellations
  • refugees
  • internally displaced persons
  • diaspora
  • deportspora
  • inequality
  • post-Yugoslav spaces


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