Prion protein gene (PRNP) polymorphisms in healthy Pelibuey sheep in Mexico.

Rosa Xicohtencatl, Paula Stewart, Wilfred Goldmann, F Rodriguez, E Aquino, R Cuautle, L Mendoza, R Avila, A Rojas

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Scrapie is a transmissible, naturally occurring neurological disease of sheep. Several amino acid polymorphisms related to scrapie susceptibility have been reported for sheep. The greatest risk for natural scrapie is associated with genotypes encoding V136R154Q171 (VRQ) whereas resistance is associated with ARR. Atypical scrapie is associated with animals carrying the AHQ and AF141RQ alleles.
In the present study we investigated polymorphisms of PRNP in Pelibuey sheep raised in Mexico, to obtain genetic information to assess the risk of the occurrence of scrapie in this breed.
Blood sample were obtained from Pelibuey sheep from the Southwest of Mexico. Pelibuey is one important breed for sheep production in the tropics of Mexico. This breed has considerable adaptability to heat, humidity, parasites, scarcity of feed, and other harsh environment conditions, common to the developing countries. Also the Pelibuey breed is described as having high fertility and prolificacy under dry tropic conditions. Now they are bred by small groups of farmers under silvopastoral conditions and with semi-intensive systems.
A total of 54 chromosomes from Pelibuey sheep were studied with regard to PRNP gene polymorphisms. The polymorphisms detected in the prion gene made up six allelic variants (ARR, AHQ, ARQ, T112ARQ, P116ARQ, ARQK176). The three most frequent alleles were ARQ (33%), ARQK176 (33%) and ARR (29.6%) the last two are relatively resistant to classical scrapie. The AHQ allele, which is associated with atypical scrapie susceptibility was found at a low frequency 7.4%; T112ARQ and P116ARQ were rare. The VRQ allele, which is associated with the highest susceptibility to classical scrapie and the AF141RQ allele, which is associated with the high susceptibility to atypical scrapie, were not detected.
The present study is the first PRNP gene analysis on Mexican sheep and provides important information about alleles and genotypes of the Pelibuey sheep breed.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - May 2013
EventPrion 2013 congress - Banff, Canada, Canada
Duration: 26 May 201330 May 2013


ConferencePrion 2013 congress
CityBanff, Canada


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