Property-owning democracy as an alternative to capitalism

P. Raekstad

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Alan Thomas’ Republic of Equals: Predistribution and Property-Owning Democracy sets itself the ambitious task of synthesising neo-republican political theory and Rawlsian justice as fairness. It is an important and challenging work that will set the stage for a great deal of the discussion not only on justice and republicanism, but also on property-owning democracy, market socialism and broader discussions of alternative economic institutions to come. After reconstructing the argument of the book, this review article turns to some specific points it raises that warrant further discussion. More precisely, it examines Thomas’ critique of market socialism, arguing that it fails to do what it sets out to do: show that market socialism is incompatible with justice as fairness. Having discussed and rejected his critique of the main other model that Thomas considers, I then turn to questions of the feasibility of POD as a feasible alternative to familiar forms of capitalism.
Original languageEnglish
JournalEuropean Journal of Political Theory
Publication statusPublished - 11 Aug 2017


  • economic democracy
  • exploitation
  • John Rawls
  • justic
  • justice as fairness
  • market socialism
  • Participatory Economics
  • Property-Owning Democracy
  • republican freedom
  • republican liberty


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