Reflections on a craft design protocol

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For some years I have been working on a design protocol of craft, which aims to unearth the working principles of one cultural area (contemporary craft) of production for the benefit of another (interaction design). The methodology that led to its formulation comprised my research as a doctoral student in Interaction Design, and made up the bulk of my thesis [22]. The protocol has recently been more fully explored for the craft community, with each tenet explored in more depth [24]; however, several important publications and conferences in the field have emerged since its initial formulation and if it is to have any relevance, the protocol needs to be revisited in light of them. These include Sennett's The Craftsman [36], Risatti's Theory of Craft [34], and Adamson's Thinking Through Craft [1]. In addition conferences such as Neocraft [3], and collections of writings such as Extra/Ordinary [5], which includes Mazanti's SuperObjects model of craft [28], have developed the field immensely. This paper critically reflects on the protocol in this new expanded context.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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