RSA Annual Exhibition 2020: 194th Annual Exhibition 10th April - 31st May 2020

Graeme Todd (Artist)

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Graeme Todd RSA was elected by the Royal Scottish Academy as Convenor of the 194th RSA Annual Exhibition.

As well as leading the overall curation, Todd also invited four distinctive and highly regarded artists who have either not shown or rarely shown at the Academy : Liz Adamson, Richard Walker and Maria Chevska. Todd also enabled each member of the Hanging Committee to select one artist with up to two works for the Open, promoting an innovative collective investment in the curation and character of the exhibition:

Naomi Oijima - invited by Mary Bourne RSA

Leena Nammari - invited by Calum Colvin RSA

Iain Patterson - invited by Paul Furneaux RSARSA

Toby Patterson - invited by Jake Harvey RSA

Rory Donaldson - invited by Ian Howard RSA

Patricia MacDonald - invited by Glen Onwin RSA

Todd's Convenors Essay: ' How far things can travel in a short space of time' ...

The 194th Exhibition was also an Academy 1st, and the first to be a fully digital presentation.

The move to digital format brought a massive increase in the profile of the show for 2020.

Todd's innovative approach to the curation of the show brought the RSA’s exhibition to the widest possible audience, and this year will be remembered in future…when things have gotten back to normal…as a very special and outstanding year.

One for the history books!

George Donald RSA

A limited run of 200 copies of the catalogue was printed by the RSA

Original languageEnglish
PublisherRoyal Scottish Academy
Publication statusPublished - 10 Apr 2020


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