Studying Gamow-Teller transitions and the assignment of isomeric and ground states at N = 50

Ali Mollaebrahimi*, Christine Hornung, Timo Dickel, Daler Amanbayev, Gabriella Kripko-Koncz, Wolfgang R. Plaß, Samuel Ayet San Andrés, Sönke Beck, Andrey Blazhev, Julian Bergmann, Hans Geissel, Magdalena Górska, Hubert Grawe, Florian Greiner, Emma Haettner, Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki, Ivan Miskun, Frédéric Nowacki, Christoph Scheidenberger, Soumya BagchiDimiter L. Balabanski, Ziga Brencic, Olga Charviakova, Paul Constantin, Masoumeh Dehghan, Jens Ebert, Lizzy Gröf, Oscar Hall, Muhsin N. Harakeh, Satbir Kaur, Anu Kankainen, Ronja Knöbel, Daria A. Kostyleva, Natalia Kurkova, Natalia Kuzminchuk, Israel Mardor, Dragos Nichita, Jan Hendrik Otto, Zygmunt Patyk, Stephane Pietri, Sivaji Purushothaman, Moritz Pascal Reiter, Ann Kathrin Rink, Heidi Roesch, Anamaria Spătaru, Goran Stanic, Alexandru State, Yoshiki K. Tanaka, Matjaz Vencelj, Helmut Weick, John S. Winfield, Michael I. Yavor, Jianwei Zhao

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Abstract / Description of output

Direct mass measurements of neutron-deficient nuclides around the N=50 shell closure below 100Sn were performed at the FRS Ion Catcher (FRS-IC) at GSI, Germany. The nuclei were produced by projectile fragmentation of 124Xe, separated in the fragment separator FRS and delivered to the FRS-IC. The masses of 14 ground states and two isomers were measured with relative mass uncertainties down to 1×10−7 using the multiple-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrometer of the FRS-IC, including the first direct mass measurements of 98Cd and 97Rh. A new QEC=5437±67 keV was obtained for 98Cd, resulting in a summed Gamow-Teller (GT) strength for the five observed transitions (0+⟶1+) as B(GT)=2.94−0.28+0.32. Investigation of this result in state-of-the-art shell model approaches accounting for the first time experimentally observed spectrum of GT transitions points to a perfect agreement for N=50 isotones. The excitation energy of the long-lived isomeric state in 94Rh was determined for the first time to be 293±21 keV. This, together with the shell model calculations, allows the level ordering in 94Rh to be understood.

Original languageEnglish
Article number137833
Pages (from-to)1-7
Number of pages7
JournalPhysics Letters B
Early online date8 Mar 2023
Publication statusPublished - 10 Apr 2023

Keywords / Materials (for Non-textual outputs)

  • Exotic nuclei
  • Gamow-Teller transition's strength
  • Multiple-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrometer
  • N=50 isotones
  • Nuclear isomers
  • Nuclear shell structure


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