Surface and Substance: International Contemporary Enamel Jewellery

Jessica Turrell (Photographer), Elizabeth Turrell (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact


A group exhibition curated by Jessica Turrell

Over the last few years there has been a significant revival of interest in enamel with a number of contemporary jewellers developing new ways of working with enamel that enable them to create exciting and innovative work.
This exhibition showcases the work of thirty jewellers of international standing who, through a varied set of practices, take enamel well beyond its traditional boundaries.

The title, Surface and substance, has been chosen to emphasize that while this is clearly an exhibition that focuses on the use of vitreous enamel - the surface - of equal importance is the ‘substance’ that underpins the work on display; the thinking and the research, which along with the obvious material knowledge and skill, is evident in the striking and individual pieces on show.

Text from PDF Surface and Substance reearch paper by AHRC researcher and exhibition curator Jessica Turrell referencing my work:

“a small number of artists are beginning to explore the interface between enamel and digital technologies. For a recent collection of pieces entitled ‘Tech-tile’ jeweller Stephen Bottomley employed a combination of enamel, digital design and laser cut metal (Coatts 2007);

Surface and substance: A call for the fusion of skill and ideas in contemporary enamel jewellery: chapter: Digital crafts Turrell J, Craft Research Volume 1 2010 Intellect Ltd

Artist on show at CAA:
Jamie Bennett – USA
Stacey Bentley – UK
Jessica Calderwood – USA
Adrean Bloomard – Italy
Helen Carnac – UK
Bettina Dittlmann – Germany
Susie Ganch – USA
Christine Graf – Germany
Carolina Gimeno – Chile/Spain
Ike Jünger – Germany
Kaori Juzu – Denmark
Esther Knobel – Israel
Liana Pattihis – UK
Isabell Schaupp – Germany
Vera Siemund – Germany
Elizabeth Turrell – UK
Jessica Turrell – UK
Annamaria Zanella - Italy

Artists on show at Electrum:
Ralph Bakker – The Netherlands
Carola Bauer – Germany
Patrizia Bonati – Italy
Stephen Bottomley – UK
Kathleen Browne – USA
Lydia Feast – UK
Karin Johansson – Sweden
Jutta Klingebiel – Germany
Ann Little – UK
Jacqueline Ryan – Italy
Marjorie Simon – USA
Silke Trekel – Germany

Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationRuthin + London
PublisherRuthin Gallery, Wales + Contemporary Applied Arts, London
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2011


  • Enamel, Jewellery, Craft


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