Symposium: Transactions between personality traits, health-related behaviours and health

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An increasing amount of evidence demonstrates that people’s personality trait levels are associated with their health-related life-style choices and various health-outcomes. Besides documenting the broad associations, research is moving on to elucidate their more fine-grained nature and potential practical applications. The six presentations constituting this symposium suggest five different directions to understanding how personality traits transact with health-related behaviours and health outcomes. The first presentation, making use of a large longitudinal dataset, will address the associations between personality traits and Type 2 diabetes with a particular emphasis on the mechanisms (mediators) of the associations. The second presentation will claim that the hypothesis about personality-health associations should explicitly specify the conditions in which the associations are (not) present; will also describe some possible moderators of personality-health associations. The third presentation, in turn, investigates how personality traits themselves may moderate the effect of socioeconomic status on general health condition (allostatic load). The fourth and fifth presentations, making use of large multi-wave developmental studies, show that the relations between personality traits and health-behaviours are not unidirectional: they unfold over time with one affecting the other. The sixth presentation shows how personality-health associations can be used for practical health-improvement purposes.


The symposium, geeing beyond simple correlation associations, aims at developing our understanding on the complex and potentially reciprocal associations between personality traits and health (health-related behaviours). It also aims at linking empirical findings with potential practical applications.


First, the symposium should be interesting for ‘traditional’ personality psychologists as it addresses the general topics of personality-environment interactions/transaction (Johnson, Booth, Konstabel, Mõttus), personality development (Johnson, Konstabel) and predictive value of personality traits (Cukic, Mõttus). Second, the symposium should also be interesting for people more specifically interested in how personality traits matter for health-related behaviours and health and how understanding these associations may help us to improve people’s health (Pollard).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 12 Jul 2012
Event16th European Conference on Personality (ECP16) - Trieste, Italy
Duration: 10 Jul 201214 Jul 2012


Conference16th European Conference on Personality (ECP16)


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