Systemic endothelin receptor blockade decreases peripheral vascular resistance and blood pressure in humans

William G Haynes, Charles J Ferro, Kevin P J O'Kane, David Somerville, Charmaine C. Lomax, David J Webb

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Background Although local inhibition of the generation or actions of endothelin-1 has been shown to cause forearm vasodilatation, the systemic effects of endothelin receptor blockade in healthy humans are unknown. We therefore investigated the cardiovascular effects of a potent peptide endothelin ETA/B receptor antagonist, TAK-044, in healthy men.

Methods and Results Two randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover studies were performed. In nine subjects, TAK-044 (10 to 1000 mg IV over a 15-minute period) caused sustained dose-dependent peripheral vasodilatation and hypotension. Four hours after infusion of the highest dose (1000 mg), there were decreases in mean arterial pressure of 18 mm Hg and total peripheral resistance of 665 AU and increases in heart rate of 8 bpm and cardiac index of 0.9 L·min−1·m−2 compared with placebo. TAK-044 caused a rapid, dose-dependent increase in plasma immunoreactive endothelin (from 3.3 to 35.7 pg/mL within 30 minutes after 1000 mg). In a second study in eight subjects, intravenous administration of TAK-044 at doses of 30, 250, and 750 mg also caused peripheral vasodilatation, and all three doses abolished local forearm vasoconstriction to brachial artery infusion of endothelin-1. Brachial artery infusion of TAK-044 caused local forearm vasodilatation.

Conclusions The endothelin ETA/B receptor antagonist TAK-044 decreases peripheral vascular resistance and, to a lesser extent, blood pressure; increases circulating endothelin concentrations; and blocks forearm vasoconstriction to exogenous endothelin-1. These results suggest that endogenous generation of endothelin-1 plays a fundamental physiological role in maintenance of peripheral vascular tone and blood pressure. The vasodilator properties of endothelin receptor antagonists may prove valuable therapeutically.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1860–1870
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 15 May 1996


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