The Application of Crowdsourcing for 3D Interior Layout Design

Research output: Other contribution


Since the activity was first defined in 2005, the use of crowdsourcing has been investigated by researchers in various domains (i.e., open innovation, linguistic study, commercial collaboration, etc.). However, less is known about the use of the crowdsourcing as a tool for collaborative design. Although there have been some reports of systems and researchers using Internet crowdsourcing to carry out generative design, there are still many gaps in knowledge about the capability and limitations of the technology. For example although researchers have reported the use of the “crowd” to combine and evaluate design concepts, the application have been limited to hand sketches or 2D layouts. This paper assesses if these methods can be used to support 3D layout task. An experiment is described in terms of the Crowdsourced Design (cDesign) framework for the design and execution of crowdsourced design tasks. The results of the experiment make two contributions; firstly that 3D design can be carried out as effectively as 2D using open and could-based tools; secondly, the cDesign framework can be mapped on to the activities required to support 3D crowdsourced design task on the commercial crowdsourcing platform.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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