The Biographies of Wandering Engineers

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When we study the biographies of artefacts through unfolding innovation and appropriation we are in fact studying multiple overlapping biographies - of things, of programmes, visions, models and representations, and importantly, the people, engineers especially, who carry forward research, development, networks, use cases and memory of success and failures. As significant new innovations develop, we find these people moving from failed project to new opportunity, one generation of system to the next, from supply side to user side, sometimes for decades. This paper explores some of the methodological issues and advantages of following the careers of these individuals and the role their play in facilitating long-haul innovation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2016
Event4S/EASST Conference - Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 31 Aug 20163 Sep 2016


Conference4S/EASST Conference


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