The boundary of the orbital beta process

Theodoros Assiotis, Joseph Najnudel

Research output: Working paper


The unitarily invariant probability measures on infinite Hermitian matrices have been classified by Pickrell, and by Olshanski and Vershik. This classification is equivalent to determining the boundary of a certain inhomogeneous Markov chain with given transition probabilities. This formulation of the problem makes sense for general β-ensembles when one takes as the transition probabilities the Dixon-Anderson conditional probability distribution. In this paper we determine the boundary of this Markov chain for any β∈(0,∞], also giving in this way a new proof of the classical β=2 case. Finally, as a by-product of our results we obtain alternative proofs of the almost sure convergence of the rescaled Hua-Pickrell and Laguerre β-ensembles to the general β Hua-Pickrell and β Bessel point processes respectively.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 20 Aug 2020


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