The Transcription Factor STAT-1 Couples Macrophage Synthesis of 25-Hydroxycholesterol to the Interferon Antiviral Response

Mathieu Blanc, Wei Yuan Hsieh, Kevin A Robertson, Kai A Kropp, Thorsten Forster, Guanghou Shui, Paul Lacaze, Steven Watterson, Samantha J Griffiths, Nathanael J Spann, Anna Meljon, Simon Talbot, Kathiresan Krishnan, Douglas F Covey, Markus R Wenk, Marie Craigon, Zsolts Ruzsics, Jürgen Haas, Ana Angulo, William J GriffithsChristopher K Glass, Yuqin Wang, Peter Ghazal

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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