To where it may concern

Elinor Scarth, Leonie Mhari

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


To whom it may concern,
We are sending a Scottish landscape
to the University of New England, Australia.
It is being held in a wardrobe trunk.
Carefully enclosed within are:
sketches, reels, reems,
light, so much light,
lino prints, water sculptures,
It is a fine distillation of a landscape.
Unbuckle and open wide,
let the light out,
a mix tape of images and interferences.
Project yourself on to them,
make shadows in them.
Act, stand still.
Listen to the hum of the projector,
the stories of the projections.
It is being exported to you
by airmail.
We hope it is not delayed,
it’s been with you so long already
in Armidale, Invergowrie, Aberfoyle.
We hope it’s not too late
for Boorolong or Wollomombi.
Would you be there to sign for it?
It contains nothing more than a landscape.

If delivered, return to sender
This is a wardrobe trunk sent to Australia.
It now holds a Scottish landscape
performed at the University of New England.
The audience have acted in it, on it.
It is cosmopolite.
An impolite, unpicturesque,
a view of the Anthropocene,
a good innings, outward looking
trunk. Delivered.
This wardrobe will be returned,
the austral landscape it collected,
gathered from under the Southern Cross.
Transported and transposed,
it projects on to,
impresses into,
the invers and abers
of rivers and their mouths,
imbricating and implicating;
it waits to be exposed, over-exposed
in a northern light,
to whom it may be concerning.


  • landscape
  • toponymy
  • colonialism
  • colonisation
  • film
  • spoken word


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