Tod und Sterben

David Moore (Artist), Kate Davis (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


Donnerstag, 8. Oktober, 20 Uhr, Provinzwerkstatt''
David Lillington (GB) zeigt Filme über Tod und Sterben /Death and Dying
von Bartosz Sikorski, Malin Ståhl, Petrina Ng, Owen Oppenheimer, Artavazd Peleshian, Ophélie Malassigné, Sanna Linell, Kate Davis and David Moore, Fabienne Audéoud, Philip Hoffman, Christina Stuhlberger, Audrey Reynolds, Elizabeth Price

David Lillington sagt zu den Filmen: “An unholy mixture of 14 short art-videos (videos by artists) and art-films by professional film-makers, using humour, theater, social realism, sometimes the surreal and sometimes sheer beauty to try and approach the themes of death, dying and mortality. All are serious, even when they make us laugh. All are entertaining in their different ways. They represent a range of styles used by contemporary artists to deal with a subject which affects everyone alive.

Three of these videos were originally films, and two of those are by professional film-makers (Peleshian, from Armenia; Hoffman, from Canada.) The other 11 are ,art videos’ – videos by artists who also make other kinds of work. Some are ,laugh-out-loud’ funny, (Audéoud, France; Oppenheimer, UK) others poignant in their quiet humour (Malassigné, France). Some are literary (Ståhl, Linnel, both from Sweden), many highly theatrical (Ståhl, Oppenheimer, Audéoud) – but all are serious in their approach to the subject of death, dying and mortality. Some look at traditional genres such as the ,Totentanz’ tradition in a contemporary way (Ståhl). Some are intensely personal (Stuhlberger, Germany), others surrrealistic (Davis and Moore, UK). Some are extremely beautiful (Peleshian, Hoffman.) The last and longest video is a contemporary masterpiece (Price, UK, winner of the ,Turner Prize’) and a complex and intense study both of a real event and of the psychology of our relationship with death. All, in their different ways, are entertaining".
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputFilm
Publication statusPublished - 8 Oct 2015
EventTod und Sterben - Artenne, Vienna, Austria
Duration: 8 Oct 20158 Oct 2015


  • death and dying


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