Towards an International Anti-fascist Feminist Front: A Critical Review

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The paper considered the project developed by the author and theorist Antonia Majaca in collaboration with artist Sanja Ivekovic and as a response to her public sculpture/intervention Monument to Revolution (Documenta 14, Athens, 2017). The paper outlines the making, aims and theoretical contextualisation of 'Towards an Art of the Possible' as well as the difficulties political interventions may encountered when realised through art.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 9 May 2018
EventThe White West: The Resurgence of Fascism as a Cultural Force - La Colonie, Paris, France
Duration: 9 May 20189 May 2018


ConferenceThe White West
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  • antifascism
  • contemporary art
  • feminism
  • art institution
  • Sanja Ivekovic
  • La Colonie


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