Transcurrent displacement of the Cadomian magmatic arc

Antonio Azor, David Martínez Poyatos, Cristina Accotto, Fernando Simancas, Francisco González Lodeiro, Cristina Talavera, Noreen J. Evans

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The Ossa-Morena Zone in Iberia, and equivalent terranes in northern France and Central Europe, are thought to be paleogeographically linked to the West African Craton at Ediacaran to early Paleozoic times. Evidence is mainly based on metasedimentary rock detrital zircon age spectra, characterized by two dominant populations of Paleoproterozoic and Cryogenian-Ediacaran ages, with a systematic lack of late Stenian – early Tonian zircon grains. We report here U-Pb-Hf results on detrital zircon grains from six Ordovician-Devonian metasedimentary rocks from the Ossa-Morena Zone. In addition to the Cryogenian-Ediacaran and Paleoproterozoic populations already recognized in previous studies on uppermost Ediacaran and lower Cambrian rocks, the samples ubiquitously show a late Stenian – early Tonian population centered at ≈1 Ga and representing ≈20% of the concordant dates. The εHf versus age plot of the studied samples mainly depicts two vertical arrays corresponding to the Cryogenian-Ediacaran and Stenian-Tonian detrital zircon populations, which spread from εHf values of ≈10 down to ≈−20. The detrital zircon age distribution and Hf isotope signature of the studied rocks point to the Sahara metacraton as the most plausible sediment source. The eastward translation of the continental ribbon represented by the Ossa-Morena Zone and equivalent domains of the Variscides from an original position close to the West African Craton to an Ordovician-Devonian location close to the Sahara metacraton probably occurred at latest Ediacaran – earliest Cambrian times in a dextral strike-slip tectonic setting that post-dated Pan-African collision and Cadomian subduction.
Original languageEnglish
Article number106251
JournalPrecambrian Research
Early online date12 May 2021
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2021


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