Transitaria Project Overview

Susanne Ramsenthaler

Research output: Other contribution


Transitaria encompasses four bodies of work: Bloom, Flux, Hybrids and
Breathe. It reflects my interest in liminality, particularly things that hover on
the fine line between attraction and repulsion.
In our perception of jellyfish, the waterline seems to act as the divide: in their element they are graceful and mesmerising swimmers while on dry land they become monstrous, abhorrent to some people, formless in their jelly-like consistency while still potentially able to do damage long after they have expired on the beach.
Transitaria reflects this ‘change of state’, something which is inherent in the jellyfish’s life cycle itself, but now carries on not through mere representation as a photograph, but experiences another transformation in the shape of a photogram.

Bloom in particular reflects my interest in the visual perception of the photogram, which works in a very different way to the photograph. It is a case of Index versus Icon.
In Bloom, (dead) jellyfish were collected to make photograms on light sensitive paper. Unlike a photographic image, but very much in the tradition of scientific cataloguing, these photograms are closer to an imprint, or trace and are therefore indexical.

Transitaria was published by Kircaldy Museums and Art Gallery to co-incide with the exhibition which brought all four bodies of work together in one space. Instead of the usual catalogue format, Anna Crowe, poet; Alistair Potter, author; Stephen Hughes, geneticist and Alphonso Lingis, philosopher, contributed writing to further widen Transitaria conceptually and contextually.
Bloom, Flux and Hybrids have been exhibited nationally and internationally, such as at the ‘Dallas Contemporary’, Dallas, Texas, Galerie Weissraum, Kyoto, The Roslin Institute and as part of the Science Festival at the Marine Biological Association, Plymouth.
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Original languageEnglish
TypeBody of Artworks and Research
PublisherKirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery
Place of PublicationKirkcaldy
ISBN (Print)1 869984 20 X
Publication statusPublished - 15 Feb 2009


  • Photogram, Touch, Vision, Tactility, Photographic Processes, Light


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