Unparticles at heavy flavour scales: CP violating phenomena

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Coupling the scale invariant unparticle sector to flavor physics and assuming that it remains scale invariant I investigate its consequences in heavy flavor physics. A characteristic feature of unparticle physics is a CP-even phase leading to novel CP violating phenomena. The phase is large, based on the assumption that the unparticle sector is strongly self-coupled. I consider the CP asymmetry in the leptonic decay B+→τ+ν and the hadronic decay Bd→D+D-, taking into account constraints of branching ratios and time dependent CP asymmetries. It turns out that the CP asymmetry can be very large even for small couplings because the unparticle interaction term has a lower scaling dimension than the four-Fermi weak interaction term. CP asymmetries in leptonic decays such as B+→τ+ν are neither experimentally searched for nor predicted by any other model. I show that the novel CP violation is consistent with the CPT theorem. I identify the CP compensating mode in the unparticle sector and explicitly demonstrate the exact cancellation as demanded by the CPT theorem.
Original languageEnglish
Article number036004
Pages (from-to)1-16
Number of pages17
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 15 Feb 2008


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