X-linked and autosomal genes controlling mouse alpha-galactosidase expression

A J Lusis, J D West

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Analysis of F2 and backcross animals has confirmed the X-chromosome linkage of Ags, the structural locus for mouse alpha-galactosidase. The position of Ags has been located in the X chromosome, 9 centimorgans from Mo, and the gene order is centromere-Hq-Bn-Ta-Mo-Ags. A variation in the developmental expression of alpha-galactosidase activity, inherited as an autosomal trait, has been characterized using recombinant inbred lines of mice. Among certain recombinant inbred lines, the variation appears to segregate as a single major locus.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)327-42
Number of pages16
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 1978


  • Animals
  • Chromosome Mapping
  • Chromosomes
  • Crosses, Genetic
  • Female
  • Galactosidases
  • Genes, Regulator
  • Liver
  • Male
  • Mice
  • Sex Chromosomes
  • X Chromosome
  • alpha-Galactosidase


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