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Speaker : Talk title: "Plant Science leads the way in understanding Biological Timekeeping"

Activity: Other activity typesTypes of External academic engagement - Research and Teaching at External Organisation

Andrew Millar

Gatsby Plant Sciences Summer School : 2/07/12 - 5/07/12


Jul 2012


Feedback: Millar's talk was rated the best of 7 guest lectures by 20% of participants (58 total). "Comments specific to your lecture were:- “The talk on biological timekeeping and the idea of building a model and then refining it, thus making a much more complex yet satisfying theory really inspired me to do similar work in :the future.” “Prof Andrew Millar is the greatest speaker I have ever met so far, he was very engaging in his talk with students. I strongly recommend him to come back next year!” “I really liked the emphasis on modelling and how that can be applied to plant biology.” “I was particularly inspired by the lectures that featured elements of systems biology, as mathematics is rarely used in university level biology, and if it is it is normally statistics. It was refreshing to see this and has shown me how I can apply my knowledge of physics to biological issues.”


Gatsby Plant Sciences Summer School

Duration2 Jul 20125 Jul 2012
CountryUnited Kingdom

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