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Angus Law (Engineering) says UK regulations are designed to prevent fires spreading between floors

Press/Media: Expert Comment

Period15 Jun 2017


TitleCladding 'that sped up flames' installed to improve view from luxury flats
Media name/outletThe Independent
Date of coverage15/06/17
TitleBuilding's cladding falls under suspicion after speed of inferno horrifies witnesses
Media name/outletThe i
Date of coverage15/06/17
Title'A neighbour's fridge exploded and the fire spread so quickly'
Media name/outletThe Daily Express
Duration/Length/Size4, 5
Date of coverage15/06/17
TitleDeadly fire engulfs London high rise
Media name/outletThe Wall Street Journal Europe
Date of coverage15/06/17
TitleExperts warned of an additional fire risk
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage15/06/17
TitleCladding can increase fire risk, say experts
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Date of coverage15/06/17
TitleCouncil admits it did receive complaints over Grenfell Tower refurbishment
Media name/outletThe East Anglian Daily Times
Duration/Length/Size26, 27
Date of coverage15/06/17
TitleTower cladding 'could pose greater fire risk'
Media name/outletThe Western Mail
Date of coverage15/06/17
TitleCoucil admits it did receive complaints over Grenfell Tower refurbishment
Media name/outletIpswich Star
Date of coverage15/06/17

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