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Annals of Internal medicine study into knee-high surgical socks

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TitleNHS stockings leaving stroke victims at risk of blood clots
Media name/outletThe Daily Mail
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 28
Date of coverage21/09/10
TitleShort socks leave millions with DVT risk
Media name/outletMetro
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 27
Date of coverage21/09/10
TitleThigh-high socks 'best in hospital fights against DVT'
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 22
Date of coverage21/09/10
TitleSurgery socks raise clots risk
Media name/outletThe Daily Record
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 10
Date of coverage21/09/10
TitleLas medias hasta la rodilla hacen poco para evitar trombosis venosa profunda
Media name/outletAgencia EFE
Duration/Length/Sizeword count: 426
Date of coverage20/09/10
TitleThigh-high surgical stockings 'best in fight against DVT
Media name/outletAsian News International
Duration/Length/Sizeword count: 308
Date of coverage20/09/10
TitleLonger stockings reduce leg clots: study
Media name/outletCBC (TV) (Canada)
Duration/Length/Sizeword count: 300
Date of coverage20/09/10

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