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Cosmic dust helps Prof Marialuisa Aliotta (Astronomy) probe nuclear reactions inside stars

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TitleScientists giddy at origins of Stardust
Media name/outletMetro
Date of coverage31/01/17
TitleScottish scientists unlock secrets of solar system
Media name/outletThe Dundee Courier
Date of coverage31/01/17
TitleCloud debris came from distant stars
Media name/outletSpecial Broadcasting Service (Australia)
Date of coverage31/01/17
TitlePlanet-forming dust traced to giant stars
Media name/outletUPI (India)
Date of coverage31/01/17
TitleScientists identify origin of stardust responsible for forming solar system
Media name/outletTech Times (USA)
Date of coverage1/02/17
TitleCosmic dust that formed our planets traced to giant stars
Media name/outletSpaceRef (USA)
Date of coverage7/02/17

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