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Deadly killer turn E.coli into killer virus, Prof David Gally finds

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TitleDangerous E coli strain 'is evolving'
Media name/outletThe Times
Date of coverage23/09/15
TitleE.coli 'now more dangerous'
Media name/outletDaily Express
Date of coverage23/09/15
TitleE. coli bug became potentially deadly in the 1980s
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage23/09/15
TitleDeadly toxin turned E.coli into killer disease
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Date of coverage23/09/15
TitleSoftware identifying poisonous E.coli may save lives
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage26/09/16
TitleComputers learn to spot deadly food poisoning bacteria
Media name/outletIndia Pharma News
Date of coverage20/09/16
TitleComputers may spot deadly food poisoning bacteria: study
Media name/outletPress Trust of India
Date of coverage22/09/16

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