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DNA makes up only half of material in chromosomes, finds Prof Bill Earnshaw (BioSciences)

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TitleDNA breakthrough by genetics experts
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage22/11/16
TitleCasting new light on chromosomes
Media name/outletThe Courier
Date of coverage22/11/16
TitleStudy sheds new light on DNA in chromosomes, scientists reveal
Media name/outletYorkshire Post
Date of coverage22/11/16
TitleStudy: DNA accounts for only half the material in a chromosome
Media name/outletUPI (USA)
Date of coverage21/11/16
TitleChromosome DNA is only 50% of the othe other half is still unknown
Media name/outletChina Broadcasting Network
Date of coverage22/11/16
TitleChromosome DNA is only 50% of the other half is still unknown
Media name/outletWorld Wide Web (China)
Date of coverage22/11/16
TitleNew Discovery: DNA accounts for half of the chromosome
Media name/outletMultidimentional News Network (China)
Date of coverage22/11/16
TitleEnglish, Japanese and American scientists have drawn first class all the 46 individual three-dimensional structure of chromosomes
Media name/outletChina Medical Devices Information Network
Date of coverage23/11/16
TitleOnly half of a chromosome is DNA
Media name/outletIran Daily
Date of coverage22/11/16
TitleA mysterious structure occupies up to 47% of every chromosome
Media name/outletScience Altert (USA)
Date of coverage22/11/16
TitleDNA makes up only half of every human chromosome, study reveals
Media name/outletInternational Business Times (USA)
Date of coverage23/11/16
TitleJust over half the contents of chromosomes corresponds to DNA
Media name/outletDiarioMedico.com (Argentina)
Date of coverage28/11/16
TitleChromosomes turn out to be half genes, half mysterious coating
Media name/outletZME Science (Romania)
Date of coverage28/11/16

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