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DNA study of cow stomachs could aid meat and dairy production, Mick Watson (Roslin)

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TitleRumen study could improve production
Media name/outletThe Courier
Date of coverage6/03/18
TitleCow digestion discovery could boost production
Media name/outletAberdeen Press and Journal
Date of coverage5/03/18
TitleTHe microbes to ruminate on
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Date of coverage3/03/18
TitleDNA study looks at cows stomachs
Media name/outletNews Letter
Date of coverage3/03/18
TitleSomething for Cows to ruminate on
Media name/outletDaily Express
Date of coverage1/03/18
TitleCow milk bugs aid
Media name/outletThe Sun
Date of coverage1/03/18

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