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Dr Christopher Southan comments on drug trial in France that left one person dead and five in hospital

Press/Media: Expert Comment


TitleScientists in dark after French clinical trial proves fatal
Media name/outletScientific American
Date of coverage19/01/16
TitleDrugs test in France: fatality in clinical study remains puzzling
Media name/outletSpektrum der Wissenschaft
Date of coverage19/01/16
TitleScientists call for more details about drug used in deadly French clinical trial
Media name/outletSTAT
Date of coverage19/01/16
TitleOne dead and five hospitalized from early-stage clinical trial
Media name/outletChemical & Engineering News
Date of coverage19/01/16
TitleFAAH inhibitor hidden keys fateful French trial
Media name/outletDiario Medico
Date of coverage20/01/16
TitleNew details emerge about clinical trial tragedy in France
Media name/outletChemical and Engineering News
Date of coverage22/01/16
Title"We are groping in the dark"
Media name/outletChina Chemical Instrument Network
Date of coverage23/01/16

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