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Dr Ethel Quayle analyses rise in “sexting” by young people

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Title'Sexting' now normal behaviour for Britain's teenagers
Media name/outletThe Independent
Date of coverage15/06/15
TitleNew campaign warns teenagers of the dangers of 'sexting' explicit images
Media name/outleti
Date of coverage15/06/15
TitleChild protection officers investigate a case involving 'sexting' every day
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Date of coverage15/06/15
Title'Sexting' now normal behaviour for UK teens
Media name/outletIOL
Date of coverage15/06/15
TitleSexting is becoming normal among teens: UK agency
Media name/outletThe Times of India
Date of coverage16/06/15
TitleIs sexting the new selfies for teenagers?
Media name/outletThe Economic Times
Date of coverage16/06/15

ID: 20030157