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Dr Heather Whalley uncovers genetic link between schizophrenia and form of depression

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TitleTests may shed new light on causes of depression
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage9/01/17
TitleResearch sheds light on cause of depression
Media name/outletThe Western Morning News
Date of coverage9/01/17
TitleStudy suggests link between risk of schizophrenia and a form of depression
Media name/outletThe Yorkshire Post
Date of coverage1/01/17
TitleDepression link found
Media name/outletThe Evening Express
Date of coverage9/01/17
TitleDepression discovery at uni
Media name/outletThe Edinburgh Evening News
Date of coverage9/01/17
TitleDepression and schizophrenia: a series continuity
Media name/outletPravo (Czech Republic)
Date of coverage10/01/17
TitlePeople depression schizophrenia risk?
Media name/outletHere (Indonesia)
Date of coverage9/01/17

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