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Dr Neil Mabbott pinpoints the protein that enables vCJD to spread

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TitleProtein sheds insight into spread of vCJD to the brain
Media name/outletHealth canal online
Date of coverage2/12/11
TitleScientists' mad cow success
Media name/outletThe Daily Record
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 4
Date of coverage2/12/11
TitleMad cow advance
Media name/outletThe Sun
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 52
Date of coverage2/12/11
TitleNew hope for treatment of vCJD
Media name/outletThe Herald
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 14
Date of coverage2/12/11
TitleFinding to help fight disease
Media name/outletCourier and Advertiser
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 11
Date of coverage2/12/11

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