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Dr Richard Mellanby finds that sheep with higher vitamin D levels are more fertile

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TitleBabies who are breastfed should still take vitamin D supplements
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage25/11/17
TitleScientists reveal simple way of boosting fertility in women - and you need to be outdoors to get it
Media name/outletIrish Mirror
Date of coverage19/01/16
TitleSheep study D-light
Media name/outletEdinburgh Evening News
Date of coverage15/01/16
TitleVitamin D 'boosts fertility'
Media name/outletThe National
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleEwe have better chance of having a little lamb with sunshine vitamin
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleVitamin D linked to improved fertility
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleSun in the oven
Media name/outletThe Sun
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleSheep show that sunshine improves fertility
Media name/outleti
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleSt Kilda's sheep soak up vitamin D and point way to human survival
Media name/outletThe Times
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleSheep study backs vitamin D theory
Media name/outletShropshire Star
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleSunshine puts twinkle in eye of wild sheep
Media name/outletWestern Morning News
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleSheep study: Sun aids fertility
Media name/outletYorkshire Post
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleUniversity of Edinburgh research
Media name/outletBBC Radio Oxford
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleFirst evidence of link between vitamin D and fertility in wild animals
Media name/outletRTT News
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleVitamin D is a boon to the fertility of wild animals
Media name/outletWeb India 123
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleGood vitamin D levels help improve fertility in sheep
Media name/outletMed India
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleVitamin D improves fertility
Media name/outletWeiner Zeitung Online
Date of coverage14/01/16
Title'Sun boosts fertility'
Media name/outletIrish Independent
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleA study of wild sheep has found that high levels of vitamin D are linked to improved fertility and reproductive success
Media name/outletUPI
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleBritish study says the sun is eligible for vitamin D will help improve animal birth
Media name/outletGlobal Times
Date of coverage14/01/16
TitleSun, sea and sex as sheep's fertility linked to vitamin D
Media name/outletThe Press and Journal
Date of coverage13/01/16

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