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Edinburgh nanotechnology promises development of fast, low-energy MP3 players and other devices

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TitleProblem of low memory solved
Media name/outletMetro
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 23
Date of coverage28/03/11
TitleBoost in search for low-energy phones
Media name/outletThe Herald
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 11
Date of coverage28/03/11
TitleMemory storage technology boosted
Media name/outletThe Courier and Advertiser
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 9
Date of coverage28/03/11
TitleBreakthrough technology that makes gadgets work faster - and use less battery power
Media name/outletThe Daily Mail online
Date of coverage28/03/11
TitleScottish invention 'improves phone storage'
Media name/outletBBC online
Date of coverage27/03/11
TitleTom Shields on ... hands-free, heid full
Media name/outletThe Herald
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 12
Date of coverage29/03/11
TitleDevice has fast memory on less power
Media name/outletThe Edinburgh Evening News
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 4
Date of coverage28/03/11
TitleMEMS-over-CNT memory betters flash power consumption
Media name/outletEE Times India
Date of coverage31/03/11
TitleFast, low-energy memory for MP3s, smartphones may soon be a reality
Media name/outletAsian News International
Date of coverage29/03/11
TitleMemory storage boost
Media name/outletThe Dundee Evening Telegraph
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 25
Date of coverage28/03/11
TitleEdinburgh University research into mobile phone storage
Media name/outletForth 2 (Radio)
Duration/Length/Sizeduration: 00:00:19
Date of coverage28/03/11
TitleSmart phone device created by Scottish researchers
Media name/outletCentral FM (Radio)
Duration/Length/Sizeduration: 00:00:23
Date of coverage28/03/11
TitleNew memory storage device
Media name/outletBBC Regional Radio - Scotland
Duration/Length/Sizeduration: 00:00:21
Date of coverage28/03/11

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