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Gold-plated trumpet gifted to University's Instruments Museum

Press/Media: Research


TitleBlown away by golden gift
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 20
Date of coverage26/01/12
Media name/outletMetro
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 10, 34
Date of coverage26/02/12
TitleSomething to trumpet about
Media name/outletThe Herald
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 7
Date of coverage26/01/12
TitleBrass is turned to gold
Media name/outletThe Press and Journal
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 25
Date of coverage26/01/12
TitleUniversity blows its own trumpet thanks to new gift
Media name/outletThe Edinburgh Evening News
Duration/Length/Sizepage: 9
Date of coverage25/01/12

ID: 3409872