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Insight into our 50-plus lifespan still evolving, says Jacob Moorad, (BioSciences)

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Period10 Oct 2017 → 10 Nov 2017


TitleRiddle of life beyond 50
Media name/outletDaily Mirror
Date of coverage10/11/17
TitleGrandparents are a vital family lifespan
Media name/outletThe Bolton News
Date of coverage1/11/17
TitleComment by Lesley Roberts
Media name/outletSunday Mail
Date of coverage15/10/17
TitleReason for our long lifespan still a mystery
Media name/outletWestern Daily Press
Date of coverage14/10/17
TitleA 'Nice' problem
Media name/outletThe Northern Echo
Date of coverage13/10/17
TitleComment by Jane Moore
Media name/outletThe Sun
Date of coverage11/10/17
TitleThere's no biological reason for grandparents to exist, say scientists
Media name/outletDaily Mail
Date of coverage10/10/17
TitleOver 50s 'a puzzle'
Media name/outletThe Sun and the Scottish Sun
Date of coverage10/10/17
TitleNo evolutionary reason for humans to live beyond 50, claim scientists
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage10/10/17

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