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Microscopic particles in air pollution enter bloodstream, finds Dr Mark Miller

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TitleDeadly diesel particles from toxic air penetrate the heart
Media name/outletThe Times
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleDeadly air pollution 'can get into the bloodstream'
Media name/outletThe Independent
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleRevealed, how diesel pollution causes heart attacks and strokes
Media name/outletThe Daily Mail
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleExhaust fume pollution raises risk of strokes
Media name/outleti
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleCities' diesel smog 'superpollen' blamed for rising hay fever risk
Media name/outletThe Daily Express
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleDiesel 'is big killer'
Media name/outletThe Sun
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleDiesel 'is big killer'
Media name/outletThe Scottish Sun
Date of coverage27/04/17
Title'Killer soot in cars' warning
Media name/outletThe Daily Mirror
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleDeadly toxic air enters bloodstream 15 minutes after cyclists inhale it
Media name/outletThe Evening Standard
Date of coverage26/04/17
TitlePollution in air link to heart attacks and strokes
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleAir pollution 'can trigger heart attack'
Media name/outletThe Edinburgh Evening News
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleMicroscopic exhaust soot 'causes disease'
Media name/outletBelfast News Letter
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleIs air pollution the next big public health crisis?
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage4/05/17
TitleSmaller particles of pollution can reach the heart
Media name/outletEl Mundo (Spain)
Date of coverage27/04/17
TitleAir pollution can up heart attack, stroke risk
Media name/outletPTI (India)
Date of coverage28/04/17
TitleAir pollution heightens heart attack, stroke risk
Media name/outletThe Financial Express (India)
Date of coverage28/04/17
TitleThus they pass contaminants from lung to the blood
Media name/outletJANO.es (Spain)
Date of coverage28/04/17
TitleSmall particles of pollution you breathe can reach your heart
Media name/outletExpokNews (Spain)
Date of coverage28/04/17
TitleMotor vehicles and particulate pollution
Media name/outletGreenie Watch (Australia)
Date of coverage29/04/17
TitleAir pollution increases risk of heart disease and stroke
Media name/outletMedia Indonesia
Date of coverage30/04/17
TitleNanoparticles in air pollution lead to heart disease
Media name/outletDigital Journal (USA)
Date of coverage1/05/17
TitleNanoparticles can travel from lungs to blood, possibly explaining risks to heart
Media name/outletAmerican Chemical Society (USA)
Date of coverage3/05/17
TitleThe study found that inhalation of vehicle exhaust increased risk of heart disease
Media name/outletShaanzi Media Network (China)
Date of coverage28/04/17
TitleFatal attraction
Media name/outletThe Economist
Date of coverage6/05/17
TitleEvery breath she takes
Media name/outletHolyrood
Date of coverage8/05/17
TitleAir pollution leads up heart attack, risk of stroke arises
Media name/outletSiasat Daily (India)
Date of coverage9/05/17

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