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Prof Alex Murphy describes his team's search for illusive dark matter particles

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TitleRace is on for next breakthrough as physicists target dark matter
Media name/outletThe Guardian
Date of coverage14/02/16
TitleDark matter scientists on brink of discovering elusive particles
Media name/outletPhys Org
Date of coverage14/02/16
TitleAre dark matter scientists about to prove its existence?
Media name/outletScience 2.0
Date of coverage14/02/16
TitleWe may be closing in on dark matter
Media name/outletThe Tribune
Date of coverage14/02/16
TitleGravitational waves breakthrough to find dark matter
Media name/outletFinancial Express
Date of coverage15/02/16
TitleWe are on the verge of discovering dark matter, scientists say
Media name/outletRed Orbit
Date of coverage15/02/16

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