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Prof Andy Taylor sheds light on mysterious nature of dark matter

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TitleDark matter 'ghosts' through galactic smash-ups
Media name/outletBBC News
Date of coverage26/03/15
TitleStill in the dark
Media name/outletThe Sun
Date of coverage27/03/15
TitleIs dark matter a FLUID? Mystery 'particles' are mapped in galaxy clusters - but results suggest they may not be particles at all
Media name/outletMail Online
Date of coverage26/03/15
TitleColliding galaxy clusters offer clues to dark matter
Media name/outletSci-News.com
Date of coverage26/03/15
TitleDark matter - Now with more darkness
Media name/outletScience 2.0
Date of coverage26/03/15
TitleScottish astronomers have been able to shed a little light on the mysterious nature of elusive dark matter
Media name/outletSTV
Date of coverage27/03/15
TitleScientists cast light upon dark matter
Media name/outletEdinburgh Evening News
Date of coverage27/03/15
TitleGalaxy clusters collide
Media name/outletSpace Ref
Date of coverage27/03/15
TitleEdinburgh astronomers part of team to “map” dark matter through collisions of galaxy clusters
Media name/outletMSN
Date of coverage27/03/15
TitleDark matter remains a mystery
Media name/outletNews Press
Date of coverage30/03/15
TitleThe existence of dark matter particles questioned
Media name/outletBectn.py
Date of coverage30/03/15
TitleThe truth behind the galaxy collision; dark matter in the end is what?
Media name/outletChina Economic Net
Date of coverage2/04/15
TitleChina Economic Net
Media name/outletGlobal Times
Date of coverage2/04/15
TitleStudy found that dark matter does not consist of particles
Media name/outletYangzi Evening News
Date of coverage2/04/15
TitleDark matter perhaps not composed of particles
Media name/outletChem 17
Date of coverage2/04/15

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