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Prof Bruce Whitelaw and Dr Sarah Chan comment on a DNA study suggesting organs from pigs could be modified to be more compatible with humans

Press/Media: Expert Comment


TitleModified pig organs could be transplanted into humans
Media name/outletThe Daily Telegraph
Date of coverage13/10/15
TitleOrgan transplant
Media name/outletBBC Radio Scotland
Date of coverage14/10/15
TitleWe're now one step closer to using GM pig organs in humans
Media name/outletRed Orbit
Date of coverage13/10/15
TitleA method eliminates the risks of transplantation from pigs to humans
Media name/outletABC
Date of coverage13/10/15
TitleThe brink of xenotransplantation: modified pig organs from pigs to humans
Media name/outletNational Post
Date of coverage13/10/15
TitleBreakthrough brings scientists closer to using pig organs for human transplants
Media name/outletCaribbean 360
Date of coverage15/10/15
TitleHuman transplanted pig organs no longer a dream!
Media name/outletChina Chemical Instrument Net
Date of coverage13/10/15
TitleEdinburgh University mentioned
Media name/outletBBC World Service
Date of coverage16/10/15
TitleGenetically modified pigs raise concerns about food regulation
Media name/outletCanadian Broadcasting Corporation
Date of coverage3/11/15

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