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Prof Jack Satsangi suggests smokers are more prone to Crohn’s disease relapses

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TitleSmokers with Crohn's disease should quit
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage31/08/16
TitleSmokers with Crohn's 'more likely to relapse'
Media name/outletThe Scotsman
Date of coverage31/08/16
TitleSmokers who have Crohn's urged to quit after surgery
Media name/outletThe Press and Journal
Date of coverage31/08/16
TitleSmokers with Crohn's told to quit
Media name/outletThe National
Date of coverage31/08/16
TitleCrohn's sufferers urged to kick habit
Media name/outletThe Courier
Date of coverage31/08/16
TitleCrohn's disease study
Media name/outletBBC 1
Date of coverage31/08/16
TitleEdinburgh University research
Media name/outletBBC Radio Scotland
Date of coverage31/08/16
TitleSmoking tied to Crohn's disease relapses
Media name/outletHealth Daily Digest
Date of coverage31/08/16
TitleSmoking linked to higher relapse risk after surgery for Crohn's
Media name/outletForeignAffairs.co.nz
Date of coverage2/09/16
TitleCrohn's patients must immediately stop smoking
Media name/outletCoverage 6
Date of coverage3/09/16

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