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Prof Thomas Becker pinpoints signals in fish that could help treat human paralysis

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TitleZebrafish to help humans walk again
Media name/outletThe i
Date of coverage26/07/17
TitleFish 'holds key to curing paralysis'
Media name/outletThe Scottish Daily Mail
Date of coverage26/07/17
TitleFish could be key to reversing paralysis
Media name/outletThe Scottish Daily Express
Date of coverage26/07/17
TitleFish fix for paralysis
Media name/outletThe Scottish Sun
Date of coverage26/07/17
TitleNew hope for spine injuries
Media name/outletThe Herald
Date of coverage26/07/17
TitleZebrafish may hold key to spine injuries
Media name/outletThe Edinburgh Evening News
Date of coverage25/07/17
TitleCan spinal surgery be treated? Zebrafish may have clues
Media name/outletIn the Times Newsletters (China)
Date of coverage25/07/17
Title'Zebrashish may hold clues to healing spinal injuries'
Media name/outletBusiness Standard (India)
Date of coverage25/07/17
Title'Zebrafish may hold clues to healing spinal injuries'
Media name/outletSiasat Daily (India)
Date of coverage26/07/17
TitleScientists have found new clues to zebrafish or help treat spinal injuries
Media name/outletWorld Wide Web (Pan)
Date of coverage26/07/17

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