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Research reveals flu gene connected to severe infections

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TitleGene study shows flu connection with severe infections
Media name/outletRed Orbit online
Duration/Length/Sizeword count: 605
Date of coverage29/06/12
TitleNew flu gene found hiding in plain sight
Media name/outletDiscover Magazine (USA) online
Duration/Length/Sizeword count: 1089
Date of coverage29/06/12
TitleGene find could help in search for flu cure
Media name/outletMetro
Date of coverage29/06/12
TitleGene discovery explains how flu causes infections
Media name/outletZee news (India) online
Date of coverage29/06/12
TitleGene discovery helps explain how flu can cause severe infections
Media name/outletMedcompare online
Duration/Length/Sizeword count: 328
Date of coverage30/06/12
TitleNew Gene might help to explain how flu causes severe infection
Media name/outletIndia Pharma News
Duration/Length/Sizeword count: 215
Date of coverage30/06/12
TitleNEWS SCAN: New flu gene, H5N2 in ostriches, travel-related diseases
Media name/outletCenter for infectious diseases research and policy online
Duration/Length/Sizeword count: 642
Date of coverage30/06/12

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