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Smoking bans’ positive impact on child health backed by study

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TitleCapital study shows benefits of smoking ban on children's health
Media name/outletEdinburgh Evening News
Date of coverage6/09/17
TitleSmoke-free laws 'benefit child health'
Media name/outletBirmingham Mail
Date of coverage6/09/17
TitleSmoking law boost
Media name/outletEvening Times
Date of coverage6/09/17
TitleFall in chest infections
Media name/outletDundee Evening News
Date of coverage6/09/17
TitlePositive effect of smoking policy on child health
Media name/outletAd Algemeen Dagblad
Date of coverage6/09/17
TitleBanning smoking helps children breath better
Media name/outletDominincanosHoy.com
Date of coverage8/09/17
TitleAntirookbeleid heeft effect en leeuwenwelpjes naar buiten
Media name/outletweblog nos journal
Date of coverage9/09/17
TitleSmoking Ban helps children breath better: MedlinePlis Health News
Media name/outletherenciageneticayenfermedad
Date of coverage10/09/17
TitleRookvrijbeleid Leidt tot minder zieke kinderen
Media name/outletFriesch Dagblad
Date of coverage11/09/17
TitleUn nueva tecnica mejora el diagnostico clinico con sondas
Media name/outletHerenciageneticayenfermedad
Date of coverage11/09/17
TitleChild admissions for lower respiratory tract infections fall after smoking ban
Media name/outletThe BMJ
Date of coverage5/09/17

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